My first smartphone was an Android-Phone, the HTC Hero. That was in late 2009, now i still have it. And every day it becomes better due to Elelinux’s best Hero-ROM. Okay, an introduction that’s not really relevant, but i know the system from nearly the beginning of its existence. But what’s the big issue I would fall in love right now, if it will be integrated in Android?A window-manager! In 3.2 the developer team announced the ability to fit smaller apps to the big size of tablet displays.

That was a good first step even to use apps that aren’t adapted to all systems android works on. The next big step is to give the core-system more relevance and the user more handling for creating an efficient workplace.

My idea to apply to this issue is to design a window-manager which gives all users the possibility to grid two or more running apps on the screen. In the taskbar where also the „fit to big size“ is located there should be strings called „place a new running app below/above/… the current running app“. It’s more an ability for tablets or very large smartphones than for small < 4″ displays.

The example I started to think about this point was when I messaged with another person and wanted to browse in the internet and the calendar at the same time. I think that´s also a common example where the window-manager would increase the UX of Android.

What do you think about this idea of a window-manager? It may also be a good beginning of thinking further and creating a very large and powerful manager which gives us all important settings for handling windows like in Windows or Mac OS X but adapted to the mobile world and in a future way.